Monday, January 11, 2010

PowerPoint Tips - Macworld

Greetings 2010! With the holidays behind us I'm eager to get the New Year off to a flying start. Although 2009 wasn't the best year for the illustration biz overall I feel excited for all the wonderful prospects in store for us in 2010 and beyond!

Here is a spot I did for Macworld magazine for an article giving tips on PowerPoint – pretty straight forward.

The article covers things like animating graphics and using laser pointers and mobile devices to optimize your presentations.

Of the three sketches I submitted, the laser pointer as "magic wand" concept was picked.

From there I went to final.

vector stage

Finish in Photoshop.


  1. Great to see the new blog, buddy! Love the work, and I hope all's going well!

  2. Great work! Just started following your blog recently. I like your style and use of textures too. I've been trying to use more of the chalky textures in my vector/photoshop work lately.

  3. very cool! I love the textures

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  5. great work! Wow those textures really add a lot to the piece!

  6. what a difference a little PS can make...