Thursday, November 12, 2009

Managing Your Business - HOW Magazine

This is an illustration I did for HOW magazine for their business column titled "Be A Smarter Manager". For designers who runs their own business, managing employee issues is among the biggest problems they deal with. Various mistakes owners range from doing everything themselves to not communicating well with their staff. These are the concept roughs I submitted.

After the "chess" concept was chosen I worked up a final sketch.

Vector stage.

And then to the final piece. Click images to enlarge.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Macworld: Half-Page Illustration

This is a job I did for the great folks at Macworld magazine. Third party developers were having problems with Apple's new App Store. They were waiting too long to get updates submitted for their applications and were having other communication problems with Apple. The concept to have the App Store as a nice facade with the apps rioting on the other side was supplied by the art director.

Start of final in vector format. (above)

Here's the finish using Photoshop. The art director requested I put an Apple employee in the mayhem trying to keep everything under control. Click images to enlarge.

Monday, November 9, 2009

3D TV: Holography

This is the process for a spot illustration I did for Electronic House magazine. Their "Near Future" column was about holography, or 3D video, which is the next big
thing for home entertainment. The article describes the fascination with 3D that goes back for more than 50 years to campy sci-fi classics such as Robot Monster and It Came From Outer Space. For the sketches I took off on the 50s era 3D movie experience to illustrate the futuristic home 3D technology.

Once a sketch is chosen I start the process for the final beginning in Adobe Illustrator.

To finalize I go to PhotoShop to add texture and depth with brushes using the Wacom tablet. Click images to enlarge.